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 Australian Cumfy Motorcycle Seats

  Custom Motorcycle seats, Motorscooter and Motorbike seat repairs.    Seat covers for most Motorcycles and Motorscooters. Extra comfort for long rides. Northern and Western suburbs. Melbourne Victoria.

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Australian Cumfy Motorcycle Seats is Melbourne's Motor bike and Motor scooter Seat comfort and Reconditioning Service. Catering for seats Australia wide. COD if required. Comfortable wider and reshaped seats. Seat lowering  for more stability on most makes and models. Custom motorcycle Comfy seat foam fitted for tired motorcycle and scooter seats.


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COD Service

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Motorbikes, Motor scooters. Scooter and Motor Bike seat height reduction for short riders and seat repairs, Saddles alterations, Seat upholstery and Custom motorcycle seats, reworked , Motorcycle seat repairs, Seat recovering and repairs for a broad range of Motorcycle and Motor Scooter.  Many different makes and models have been repaired or refurbished.

Motorcycle seats can be very uncomfortable, Seat alterations or Custom motorcycle seats have helped many riders. We alter seats and saddles when appropriate to suite individual riders. This is done by seat foam reshaping. Motorbike Seat comfort may also be achieved by foam replacement in troublesome areas like Coccyx and thigh area. This may be required for a comfortable motorcycle or scooter seat. Riders have different shapes and sizes and don't fit all standard seats.  Seat Heaters. Gel pads can also be used and fitted in some seats.

Some textured vinyl we use in recovering seats reduce passenger and rider from slipping forward. This is because seats get older and they can become slippery.
We have a fine textured no slip vinyl to reduce the amount of slip. Mostly popular on  Road bikes
Sport bikes Motocross Enduro seats Dual Sport   We have  heavier duty vinyl compared to most stock seats and Gripper with excellent Gripping qualities. A black Bean texture with good grip qualities is also available to reduce your sliding on the seat. Popular with Dirt, Road and Trail bike seats
Many other textures and colours if required for that custom look.

Motorcycle seats for short riders. We also lower seats for the rider that may be a little short in the leg. Most can be done for a very reasonable price without the need to purchase a New seat or cover.
Motorcycle seats for tall riders. Many seats have been altered and the height adjusted for riders taller than average with good success.  Height and weight play a big part in how we reconstruct the seats internally. The object is to make the riding experience better than before for a reasonable cost without replacing the seat.

Duel purpose motorbikes.  Off road motorbikes have limitations with comfort. The width of the seat and foam density combined with the weight of the rider can play a big part in the comfort for highway and off road use. Those that don't make the grade for duel purpose may still have a chance with our alterations on many different makes and models.

Damaged Motorbike seats.
 Motorbike seats can become Damaged, Twisted and out of shape to some extent and need to be checked . Metal seat base for older models Twist, Crack, Rust out and become un repairable. Some bases can be repaired if not left rusting for many years. Seat covers crack and allow water to penetrate the foam causing foam and metal damage.  Best keep an eye on it.

 Honda 4 seat covers CB 500.1974 to 1978 CB 550. K1. K2.

Not all bikes are suitable for seat modifications. Many may still require seat repairs or replacement seat covers. Cracks or tears in seats may not require seat cover replacement. Vinyl welding may be a less expensive option and a quick fix. Foam rubber repair or replacementComfort pads or gel pads fitted at some stage. Motorcycle seat and Motor scooter seat repairs can take as little as 2 days in some cases. Some seat upholstery can be quite extensive and take a week or two to complete.

After market seat covers supplied by the customer is a good option if needed quickly. It can be fitted by appointment by our seat cover service department. Same day service if required and when possible. Motor scooters are very popular now and the seats can be colour co-ordinated if required. If you have any questions about what you might like done to your seat.
Ring Peter Nik on   03 9306 6940
Please Note

Pictures of the seat and giving us the make and year of the bike helps when sending E-mail.  A phone call is easier for answering your questions and there may be many details we need to know before we can Quote.

Trading Hours and what you need to know


Not all motorcycles are comfortable and some may need their shape altered .This is where seat customising may help to reshape or replace the inside foam or part off to help with extra comfort 
  We can discuss different options that may suit your needs,  Height, Shape, Modifications, Density, Colour & Textures, No slip vinyl,
 and customising your seat.
Seat heaters
Seat Heaters can be fitted to Many makes of motorcycle. Get your local Motorcycle Auto electrician to wire the seat.
Easy instructions. Low power consumption. Standard Kit. Luxury Kit
Best selling motorcycle and motorscooter seat heater
You may be surprised at what we can do
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There are many models of motorbike seats to be seen

 Customers can give us a picture of a seat they have seen and like.
We would discuss how close we can alter your seat .

Ring Peter Nik to see if we can lower your seat and make it more comfortable

We may be able to get your feet firmly on the ground.


Is your seat  Uncomfortable
Or just tired and needs a lift.

Is Your Seat (Too)
Ask About  COD Service
Interstate or around  Melbourne
03 93066940

 Do you like looking at different makes and models of motorcycles, FROM OLD TO NEW .

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Motorcycle seats can look very smart and have a very unique look about them.
Especially with a little thought and play with different colours and textures.
Your input and Choices you make in the custom seat cover design, could enhance the look of the bike and give you a great sense of satisfaction.

You could be in for a pleasant surprise.
Take a look at Ducati ST4

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Vinyl Information and samples

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Customizing motobike seats for comfort. Lowering seats for more stability.

Receive your seat. COD to Your Home state. Canberra. A C T.   New South Wales.   Northern Teritory.   Queensland.   South Australia.  Victoria.  Western Australia.  Melbourne areas.


Pictures of Motorcycles. Most  makes & models

Car  Upuolstery.

Boat hoods & canopies

Harley Hot seat . Seat Heater
Harley hot seat heater
Customize motorbike seats
Custom Ducati Seat
Soft Foam & Colour Trim
Yamaha V Max seat cover and foam reshaping
Yamaha V MAX Lowered
BMW Seat Lowered

Seat height reduction
Yamaha YZF 1000 Seat
Ducati Motorcycle seat covers and repairs..Custom Ducati ST4 red and black basket weave seat
Colour co-ordinated
Ducati ST4  2002 Seat

Custom cover Red and black basket weave
BMW motorcycle seat covers and repairs
BMW Seat
Original seat covers
Suzuki gsx motorcycle seat.Gsx 1400 seat covers and repairs
Susuki GSX 1400 Seat
You wouldn't know it was the same seat
Laverda motorcycle seat. Laverda motorcycle seat covers and repairs
Laverda Seat Customised
Created from a picture

Vespa Seat
Look at our lowered
Vespa Seat 
Ducati Darmah Lowered
Custom seat cover & lowered front
Suzuki DR 650 Motorcycle seat conversions, Seats can be made wider, Standard height, Softer, Lower, Higher, More comfortable
Lowered & Grippa Seat cover
Suzuki DR 650- 2005
Honda CRF Seats, height reduction
Honda Dirt Bikes
Lowered 40 mm
  Grippa Seat covers
Triumph Basket Weave Top & Foam Replacement Triumph seat covers and seat repairs.
Triumph Tiger, Bonniville, TR6, TR7
Triumph seat recovered close to original
Vinyl Information and samples

Suzuki GSX 1400
Aftermarket seat covers

  Seat upholstery for Cars, Boats, in Melbourne AU.
Motorcycle and Motorscooter seat specialist
Customizing motobike seats for comfort
 and lowering seats for more stability.

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